ST. PETERSBURG, 28.11.2013. A large diesel electric submarine of the Novorossiysk project 636.3 was launched at JSC Admiralty Shipyards in a solemn ceremony. This is the lead ship in a series for the Russian Navy.

In a festive event participated: Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy of the Federation Rear Admiral Victor Bursuk and president of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation Mr Vladimir Shmakov took part in a solemn ceremony.

“This is a high point for the entire Navy”, said Rear Admiral Victor Bursuk, referring to the launch of lead submarine “Novorossiysk”. “The series of submarines will allow one of the oldest fleets of our country – the Black Sea fleet – to receive a long-awaited underwater component. We have waited for this ship for many years. This is the first but far not the last submarine which will be constructed at Admiralty Shipyards in the next years and it will enable the Navy to provide the reliable defence of the country”.

“It is symbolic that this production event opens the 310th anniversary year in the history of Admiralty Shipyards”, noted Director General of the shipyard Mr Alexander Buzakov. – Our shipyards established by Peter the First have always been a ground for construction of the ships of new types. Today we can with good reason say that the shipyard continues with honour the best traditions of domestic shipbuilders”.
“Today there is a special day not only for shipbuilders of Admiralty Shipyards, but also for all United Shipbuilding Corporation, said President of JSC OSK Mr Vladimir Shmakov. The new fighting ships will significantly strengthen the defence capabilities and security of the southern sea borders of our Homeland. According to the approved strategy of the United Shipbuilding Corporation the Admiralty Shipyards should already implement the program on system modernization of the enterprise that will allow not only to expand the nomenclature, but also to increase the competitiveness of the products soon “.
Submarine “Novorossiysk” of project 636.3 is the first in a series under construction at JSC Admiralty Shipyards for the Russian Navy, was laid down in August 2010. All ships of this series will be named in honor of the cities bearing the honorary title “City of Military Glory”.

Today three ships of the project are under construction at the shipyard: the second ship “Rostov-on-Don” was laid down in November 2011, the third named “Stary Oskol” was laid in August 2012. The construction of submarine “Novorossiysk” became the beginning of implementation of the long-term program of the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation on restoration of combat readiness of the Black Sea fleet and the modernization program of the diesel electric submarine fleet of Russia.


Дата публикации: 28 November 2013

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