Aluminium boats “Master” have a leading position traditionally occupied by the small size shipbulding of JSC “Admiralty Shipyard” in the largest Russian boat-show on water.

Of the products of “Admiralty Shipyards”, there were shown three models of aluminium boats: “Master 521”, “Master 540НТ” and a modernised model “Master 651” in Baltic sea festival – 2014.

The design of the latter was updated to extend the hull length, apply bottom bends and modify the aft end. The improvements enable to use two engines with the total capacity of 300 h. p. on the model. The aft manned space of the boat was extended by 0,5 metre which made the stay of passengers and fisherman on board more comfortable.

Both visitors and members of press appreciated “Master 651” modified. Next day after the exhibition was closed the model was tested  by specialists of magazine “Captain”. The test results of a boat model  with engine “Mercury 300” of the capacity of 300 h. p. will be reported in the next issue of the publication.

In 2015 the shipyard will show  new model “Master 571НТ” with a deckhouse on the market of small size shipbuilding.



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