St.-Petersburg, 01.10.2014. An exposition named “310 years in a history waterway” devoted to an anniversary of foundation of JSC «Admiralty Shipyards» is opened at the Central Naval Museum.
General Director of JSC «Admiralty Shipyards» Alexander Buzakov, Head of administration of Admiralteiky District Igor Myasnikov, Director of Central Naval Museum Ruslan Nekhaj, veterans of the shipyard attended the opening solemn ceremony.
“We are proud that this exposition is placed at a ground of our museum, Director of Central Naval Museum Ruslan Nekhaj emphasized. Admiralty Shipyards are one of the most known brands of the Northern capital. It is pleasant that models and photos of new modern ships and submarines are among the exhibits, which are today under construction at the shipyard. Our exposition would not be complete without them. They will be now accessible to visitors of our museum — to the people of St.-Petersburg and tourists”.
“Admiralty Shipyards have always stood out for continuity of traditions. The glorious 310 years history continues today, Alexander Buzakov said. Three series of conventional submarines and a unique rescue vessel are today under construction. The shipyard has a portfolio of orders till 2018 and real prospects of the further production load. And the living generation of shipyard workers keeps bringing new pages in annals of Admiralty Shipyards with the team’s motto: “So far the shipyards have been working in St.-Petersburg, we will always be a Naval Power!” So it has been for 310 years, and we are sure that so it will be in the future”.
Models, pictures and photos of the most significant ships and vessels are presented in the exposition reflecting the annals of the oldest shipbuilding enterprise of Russia. Admiralty Shipyards established by Peter the First in November 1704 have passed all stages of development of the Russian fleet from sailing galleys to modern nuclear submarines and the unique underwater equipment of a new generation and made the sizable contribution to formation of the historical architectural look of St.-Petersburg.
Almost 3000 ships and vessels of various classes and design have been already constructed at Admiralty Shipyards. They include 324 submarines of various projects (41 nuclear of them), 76 deep-diving vehicles and submersibles.
The foundation of the Central Naval Museum is historically connected with Admiralty Shipyards. In five years after completion of Admiralty Peter the First has issued an order on establishment of “the model-chamber” intended for collecting and careful storage of models of the domestic and captured ships, guns, banners and other things related to the history of development and victories of the Russian fleet. The “model-chamber” was a prototype of the modern naval museum. Its first exhibits became models and drawings of the ships constructed at Admiralty Shipyards.
The exhibition in the Central Naval Museum will be open till 28th December 2014.



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