JSC «ADMIRALTEISKIE VERFI» celebrated 310th ANNIVERSARY after day of its foundation


Saint-Petersburg, 05.10.2014. The celebratory evening devoted to 310 anniversary of establishment of JSC «Admiralteiskie Verfi» took place in Big Concert Hall “Oktyabrsky”.

The celebrations devoted to the round anniversary of the shipyards began with a midday shot from  Naryshkin bastion of Peter and Paul Fortress. The festivities culminated in the celebratory evening in Big Concert Hall “Octyabrsky” attended by General Director of JSC «Admiralteiskie Verfi» Alexander Buzakov, Governor of Saint-Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, Chairman of Legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov, President of JSC «United Shipbuilding Corporation» Alexey Rakhmanov.


«Today it is 310 years from foundation of  Admiralty Shipyards. This date speaks for itself,» Mr Buzakov welcomed the visitors. «But I have always held that the oldest does not mean obsolete. The Admiralty personnel have gained the enormous professional experience for three centuries. At the same time, the enterprise is being actively modernised, developed and we are looking ahead with confidence.»

Governor George Poltavchenko called Admiralty Shipyards one of main symbols of Saint-Petersburg. «I am very glad to congratulate you on 310 anniversary of the legendary enterprise. Admiralty Shipyards have always been the first: the first steamship in Russia, the first-ever nuclear ice breaker, cruiser «Aurora»… all range of Russian shipbuilding is presented here. I am sure that it will be continued in the future. I consider that it is necessary to introduce a compulsory attendance of the Admiralty Shipyards into the educational program of the Saint-Petersburg schools in order to show to rising generation examples of real workmanship, intellective power and human spirit». George Poltavchenko awarded Buzakov A.S. with «Medal for Distinguished maritime activity» issued by the Marine board of the government of the Russian Federation and the Gratitude of the Governor to the personnel of the shipyards.

«Almost 800 labour dynasties are working at your enterprise and it is the best indicator of continuity of the generations,» said Chairman of Legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov. «We thank the shipyards’ personnel for preservation of the school of domestic shipbuilding. I fully agree with the statement that an Admiralty employee is a way of life. I am sure that until the Admiralty shipyards are working in our city, Russia was, is and will be a great sea power.» Vyacheslav Makarov presented Alexander Buzakov the honorable mention of Chairman of Legislative Assembly to the shipyards’ personnel.

President of JSC “United Shipbuilding Corporation»  Alexey Rakhmanov called Admiralty Shipyards «the enterprise No. 1». He congratulated the personnel with 310th anniversary and wished a good luck and new labour achievements in “construction of the fleet of the strong country».

Being founded on 5 th of November, 1704 under an order Peter the First, Admiralty Shipyards entered many glorious pages in the history of domestic shipbuilding and development of Navy of the country. Almost 3000 ships and vessels of various class and purpose ranging from the galleys of Peter to modern ships and unique underwater equipment of a new generation were constructed by the shipyard in the course of these years.

In fourth century of the history, JSC «Admiralteiskie Verfi» remains one of the leaders of domestic shipbuilding and a recognised centre of conventional submarine construction in Russia. Today the ships constructed at shipyards are a part of military and civil fleet of Russia and many foreign states. Almost 7 thousand employees celebrate 310th anniversary of the shipyards at once with three series of the submarines and a high technology rescue vessel with a deep submergence rescue vehicle onboard.



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