SAINT-PETESBURG, 30.12.2014. A solemn ceremony of hoisting of Navy’s colors on big diesel-electric submarine «Rostov-on-Don» took place at JSC «Admiralteiskie verfi».


Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Federation’s Navy Alexander Fedotenkov and Director General of JSC «Admiralteiskie verfi» Alexander Buzakov took part in the ceremony.

The solemn ceremony of hoisting the flag was named a decent completion of the production program of 2014 by Alexander Buzakov: «This is the fourth submarine which was handed over to the customers in the departing year and it is the second one on which was hoisted Navy’s flag of Russia. And on the eve of the New year we can rightly say: the personnel of the enterprise has met the set up challenges. Thehe ship has come off well!»

A particular significance of this event was underlined by vice-admiral Alexander Fedotenkov: «Rostov-on-Don» is the second submarine built at JSC «Admiralteiskie verfi» which has to serve for the Black Sea Fleet of Russia. The new engineering solutions, embodied in the design, make her to be one of most advanced submarines in the classification. JSC «Admiralteiskie verfi» has built a reliable combat ship and I wish the complement to be worthy of the shipbuilders’ contribution».

The submarine «Rostov-on-Don» of project 636.3 – the 2nd in the series built by JSC «Admiralteiskie verfi» for the Russian Federation’s Navy – was laid down in November of 2011. The construction became a continuation of realization of the long term plan of Ministry of Defence of Russia for restoration of combat readiness of the Black Sea Fleet and the updating program of diesel-electric submarines for Russia’s Navy.

All 6 submarines of the series, being built at JSC «Admiralteiskie verfi», were named after the cities, having the honorary title of «City of Military Glory». On 22nd of August first submarine of the series «Novorossiysk» was handed over to Russian Navy, on 28 of August was lunched third submarine of the series «Stary Oskol», in February was laid down fourth submarine of the series -»Krasnodar», and on 30th of October were laid down  two final submarines of the series – «Veliky Novgorod» and «Kolpino». The construction of the entire series progresses in conformity with the contractual obligations.

The submarines of project 636 refer to third generation of diesel-electric submarines and are the modifications of submarines of projects 877 and 877 EKM, known worldwide thanks to their high performance data. They were classified as «Kilo-class» by NATO. The submarines of updated project 636 have a higher combat effectiveness in comparison with previous projects. Optimum combination of acoustic stealthiness and acquisition range, newest inertial navigator, up-to-date automated information system, powerful and fast-acting torpedo and missile weapons provide worldwide priority of the submarines of the class in area of construction of conventional submarines. JSC «Admiralteiskie verfi» is an undisputed leader in construction of submarines of the class, and since 1983 these submarines have been successfully exported.

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