SAINT-PETESBURG, 15.01.2015 – Solemn events devoted to the anniversary of handing over of a ship’s carpenter patent to Peter the 1st – the first certificate of maritime education in Russia – were held in St. Petersburg.Anniversary rally, the tenth in succession, with the participation of representatives of shipbuilding industry was held on Admiralty embankment, nearby the monument “Tsar – the carpenter”.

“It is of crucial importance for us that for every anniversary of this outstanding event we award distinguished shipbuilders with an axe in violin’s case, symbolizing art mastery in shipbuilding craft,” pointed out Anatoly Konstantinov, president of foundation “Maritime education” and one of the organizers of the event.

This year, Alexander Buzakov, head of JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi” has been honored with this professional symbolic award.

“Peter I ship’s carpenter patent is a very important award for each shipbuilder, however I perceive it, above all, as   an evaluation of labor of the personnel of “Admiralteiskie verfi”, — emphasized Alexander Buzakov. — Peter I was the founder and the first “director of our yards, which have been keeping on the undertaking of “tsar – the carpenter” with honors in the course of 310 years. These last three years the enterprise has been experiencing a real upsurge of business activity: we are building simultaneously three series of submarines, the surface ships for national fleet. We are recruiting actively and replenishing our portfolio of orders as long-term strategy. And we keep on putting into life the main slogan of our shipbuilders, – “As long as the shipyards run in Saint-Petersburg, we shall remain a sea power forever!”

Peter I received a ship’s carpenter patent on 15 of January, 1698 in Dutch city of Zaandam. For commemoration of this event, in 1910 a monument to Peter I was erected on Admiralty embankment, known as “Tsar – the carpenter”. the work of Leopold Bernshtam. A copy of the sculpture was presented to the Netherlands and was erected in 1911 on main square of town Zaandam.

Дата публикации: 16 January 2015

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