JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi” laid down icebreaker “Ilya Muromets”

SAINT-PETERSBURG, 23.04.2015 – JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi” laid down icebreaker of project 21180.

The keel laying of a new vessel was named a remarkable festivity by Alexander Buzakov, director general of JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi”. “Symbolically that this event is taking place in open slipway of the shipyards where in different times were built the vessels, which went down in the records of the shipyards, including first nuclear icebreaker in the world “Lenin”, – Alexander Buzakov pointed out.  “A good pace was taken at construction of the new hull: in last October there was only metal for first section of the icebreaker and yet today we see already 8 sections of future vessel”.

“Today’s event is a festivity not only on scale of our enterprise but also within boundaries of all Navy, – emphasized Andrey Vernigora, head of department for implementation of state defense order of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. “Admiralteiskie verfi” is the oldest enterprise of Russia, which launched almost 3000 ships and vessels from its slipways, and Navy’s command has no doubts that the new icebreaker will be built on time and with a proper quality and it will contribute to   strengthening of defense capability of our state”.

– It is remarkable that this new vessel took a proud name from “Ilya Muromets”, – said Sergey Movchan, vice-governor of Saint-Petersburg, and I am happy to congratulate the renowned personnel of “Admiralteiskie verfi” with another labor festivity. Keel laying of a new ship is a festivity not only for the shipyards and the city but also for the entire state. May successes and more orders attend the shipbuilders!

This new one-deck, multipurpose vessel is designed for icebreaker support of deployment and expansion of naval forces in ice conditions, independent convoying of ships and vessels as well as their towing support. The icebreaker of project 21180 is a new generation vessel possessing new principles of electric movements and up- to-date power plant.

“Ilya Muromets” is first icebreaker to be built in Russia with pod drives of “Azypod” type, being fixed off the ship’s structure by means of articulated mechanism, and which can rotate around vertical axis by 360ᵒ, enabling the icebreaker to move equally freely by bow, aft and side.

The vessel’s delivery date is end of 2017.


Дата публикации: 23 April 2015

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