SAINT-PETERSBURG, 11.08.2015. Rescue ship “Igor Belousov”, which is being built by JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” for benefit of Russian Navy started final stage of factory sea trials (FST) in the ranges of Baltic sea.

The program of the factory sea trials contains three main tasks: completion of interdepartmental tests of experimental design equipment, installed onboard the ship, execution of interdepartmental tests of deep diving system and development of launchings of the diving group.

The tests shall take place in some ranges of Baltic Sea and Atlantic waters. The completion has been scheduled for 10 th of October. Rescue ship “Igor Belousov”, which is being built by the order of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, was laid down in December of 2005.

The ship was designed by JSC CMDB “Almaz” (project 21300) and designed for rescue of crews of distressed submarines, laying on ground or submarines in surface condition and also for supply of air, electrical power and recovery equipment to submarines and surface vessels. Besides, the ship is able to perform a search and surveying of distressed objects in assigned area, including as a part of international sea rescue formations.

The ship has onboard a broad range of rescue equipment, including deep-operating vehicles and decompression chambers, the ship is equipped with modern medical equipment for rendering of emergency recovery service to the submariners in a distressed situation. Many technical facilities have been specially developed for the design.

The ship is equipped with deep-operating vehicle with operating depth up to 700 мeters, modern deep diving system DIVEX for depths up to 450 meters, decompression chamber for 60 saved submarines, diving station for depths up to 60 meters, unmanned remotely operated submersible with operating depth up to 1000 meters.

The ship can be also used for civil tasks — development of shelf sea, performance of underwater technical works.

Дата публикации: 11 August 2015

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