SAINT-PETERSBURG, 18/03/2016. On the eve of 110th anniversary from the date of foundation of the Russian submarine forces a launching ceremony of big diesel-electric submarine “Velikiy Novgorod” for the Russian Navy was held at JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi”. The solemn ceremony was attended by Alexander Fedotenkov, Deputy of Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, vice-admiral, and Sergey Movchan, vice governor of Saint-Petersburg.
“It is symbolic that this ship was laid down by 310th anniversary of the foundation of “Admiralteiskie verfi”, and is being launched on the eve of 100th anniversary of Russian submarine forces”, – emphasized Alexander Buzakov, Director General of JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi”. – “In December of last year a ripple firing of operational missiles from submerged position to surface targets was carried out by submarine “Rostov-on-Don”. All targets were hit, which turned out to be a real confirmation of combat effectiveness of submarines of this project. This year we are completing construction of the series, and I’m sure that we will positively perform all the contractual obligations”.
The launching of next submarine was qualified by Alexander Fedotenkov, Deputy of Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, vice-admiral, as a national triumph. “Today is a remarkable day because thanks to JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi”, actually have been recovered the submarine forces of Black Sea. Four submarines have already gone into commission, and they are performing assigned missions in all areas of the world ocean!”
Submarine “Velikiy Novogorod” is the 5th of the series which is under construction at JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi” for the Russian Federation Navy, and the submarine was laid down in October of 2014. Its construction became a continuation of realization of the long-term plan of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense for combat readiness recovery of the Black Sea fleet and the updating program of diesel electric submarines for the Russian Navy. All six submarines of the series, being under construction at JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi”, are named after the cities with honorary rank “City of Military Glory”.

The two first submarines of the series — “Novorissiysk” and “Rostov-on-Don” – joined the composition of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation Navy in August and December of 2014, the 3rd and the 4th submarines – “Stariy Oscol” and “Krasnodar” – were delivered to the Russian Federation Navy in July and November of 2015. In May is planned launching of the last submarine of the series – “Kolpino”.
Submarines of updated project 636 feature enhanced (compared with previous projects) combat effectiveness. Optimal combination of stealth capabilities and target detection range, newest inertial navigation system, modern automated information management system, powerful high-speed torpedo and missiles equipment provide for global priority of submarines of this class in area of conventional submarine shipbuilding. JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi” is an undoubted leader in construction of submarines of this class and since 1983 they have been successfully exported.
Series production of submarines by “Admiralteiskie verfi” started in 1932, and over this period over 400 submarines and deep-diving submersibles of various projects have been built by JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi”.

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