SAINT-PETERSBURG, On 17.03.2017 was held a solemn meeting at the memorable sign “Submarine strike” on the eve of the 111th anniversary of foundation day of fleet submarine forces of Russia at JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” (incorporated in United Shipbuilding Corporation).Deputy Chief of the Main Staff of the Russian Navy Rear Admiral Mikhail Neupokoyev, General Director of JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” Alexander Buzakov, the veterans and the employees of the enterprise, the cadets of Naval Polytechnic Institute at Navy Scientific Training Center of the Naval Academy participated in the festive event. – This March marks exactly 85 years since the beginning of serial construction of submarines by our shipyards, General Director of the Shipyards Alexander Buzakov welcomed participants of the meeting. – During these years the Admiralty employees have built more than 300 submarines and deep-sea submersibles, many of them are unique and still unrivalled in Russian and world shipbuilding. At present three series of the submarines are under construction at the shipyards, which includes two submarines of fourth generation of project “Lada” with which we attribute future development of the conventional submarine fleet. Deputy Chief of the Main Staff of the Russian Navy Rear Admiral Mikhail Neupokoyev expressed his deep gratitude to the shipyards’ staff, “The submarines ships launched from the building berths of JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” occupy a specific place in the combat formation of the submarine force of Russia. The enterprise managed in a short time to construct a group of the submarines for the Black Sea Fleet, which operates in an important direction. Today we start construction of a series of the submarines for the Pacific fleet. The formation of this group will allow to increase the capabilities and the combat potential of the Pacific fleet in order to protect the Far East borders of our country properly and confidently”. The history of submarine building by JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” starts in 1720 when the employer Efim Nikonov by a degree of Peter the First constructed a “hidden vessel” – a prototype of the first submarine in the world. On the balance sheet of the shipyards is development of unique submarines such as legendary “Alpha” of project 705, nuclear deep-water power stations, submarine “Piranha”, deep-sea submersibles “Rus” and “Consul” reached a diving depth of 6000 meters, and vessel “Igor Belousov” for rescue of submarines. Three series of the submarines are now under construction at the shipyards, including two submarines of fourth generation of project “Lada”. The memorable sign “The 100th anniversary of submarine forces of Russia” was unveiled in July of 2008 upon the initiative of the veterans – the employees of JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” at the intersection of Rizhsky Prospect and Stepan Razin Street. The model of a nuclear submarine of project 671 RTM is at the center of the monument. 31 nuclear submarines of the project and its modifications which happened to be the main body of multi-purpose submarine forces of the Russian Navy were constructed in early 1970s up to late 1990s by JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi”. “The submarine strike” is an artistic appearance, which, as envisioned by the sculptor, symbolizes the dynamics of the waves, the harmony of labor, attack and victory.

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