Hull plating workshop

The hull plating shop provides grinding for subsequent welding, layout, marking, cutting of parts of section materials (bulb flats, angle bars) according to control programs (CAD/CAM). The workshop is made up of the following sections:

Primary Treatment Line

Cleanup and priming of sheet and rolled steel plates on Reusler flow line system. Performance specifications are:

  • metal thickness is within 3 mm – 50 mm;
  • maximum dimensions are 3200 mm х 10000 mm;
  • rolled material dimensions are the following: height is no more than 500 mm, length is no more than 10000 mm.

Gas Cutoff Station

Parts cutoff on “Krystall” program controlled machines. Performance specifications are the following: when metal thickness is within 4 mm – 30mm, then plasma flame cutting is used, and when metal thickness is within 31 mm – 60 mm, then gas cutting is used (acetylene + oxygen).

Bending Line

Sheet and section material parts bending, die forming of 100 mm – 600 mm Ø bottoms. The line is equipped with 250 t -3000 t force presses, with roll mills, having 100 mm – 650 mm Ø rollers.

Line to Fabricate Parts of Section Materials

Fabrication of parts out of the following items: bulb flats from No. 5 to No. 40; angle bar from 25 х 25 to 100 х 100; channel bar from No. 5 to No. 200 as well as T-bar rolled metals, rods, squares. The line is provided with program controlled automated line to fabricate parts out of bulb flats and angle bars.

Pressing and Cutting Line

Fabrication of rectangular 3 mm – 8 mm thick parts. Guillotine cutter length is 2500 mm.

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