Assemble-welding production

The production provides assembly and welding of sections and units, parts of machine building of various steel grades and structures of special alloys. The production consists of 6 independent, detached sections. The production is focused on building of surface ships and submarines.

Main Product Line:

  • hull assemblies with up to 4х5m dimensions and weighing up to 30 t, rudder blade structures and fins;
  • t-girders with length of up to 12 m, fabricated on a specialized bench;
  • welded parts of machine-building (hatches, covers, bollard, tanks, reservoirs, drums, retractable items, mooring and steering gears);
  • welded cargo gripping devices and containers;
  • titanium alloy structures (in a specialized section);
  • hull sections, weighing up to 60 t and having dimensions up to 12х16 m;
  • forming-up of superstructure building block modules in an open site of deep-water quay.


  • turning and boring lathe with chuck size of 7000 mm to machine hull assemblies;
  • mechanized bench for the assembly and welding of T-girders.

203, Fontanka Emb., 190121, St.-Petersburg, Russia
tel.: +7 (812) 714-88-33
fax: +7 (812) 571-13-71

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