Children recreation camp “Admiralteyets”

Sofia Zlygosteva, manager of the children’s recreation camp says: “Our camp is a small country of children. It is their own world, where the adults only help the children in understanding and in getting fond of the infinite world which surrounds them”. The camp provides all the conditions not only for summer recreation of the children but also for an active recreation and sports participation all year round – training, festivals and competitions are organized with the sports professionals, taking part in them. A qualified team of child supervisors, of creative and technical personnel, of medical staff are entrusted with providing not only security for the children but also with making the vacations a wonderful and pleasant adventure.

Children’s recreation camp “Admaralteyets” is located in the settlement of Siverskiy of Leinigradskaya Oblast on the bank of the river Oredezh. Accommodation is organized in two-storey housings with rooms for 4 and 6 persons. The camp is provided with an independent boiler house, a bath house, a swimming pool with water heating. At the disposal of the children there are: splendid House of Technical Creativity, where lessons are arranged in computer classes, art studios, a movie and concert hall intended for 265 persons. There are various hobby groups and sport sections: boat model making, application on fabrics, soft toys, ball dances, bicycle section, chess playing etc. On the territory of “Admiralteyets” there are a modern bicycle track with a distance of 550 meters, a ground for bicycle figure driving, a basketball ground and a table tennis ground.

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