Building commission facilities

To build surface ships, JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” has two slipways enabling to launch ships with the following dimensions: maximum length is up to 259 m, maximum breadth is up to 35 m, launching weight is up to 22,000 t. The slipways are equipped with three 100 t lifting capacity gantry cranes, one 80 t lifting capacity tower crane and three 75 t lifting capacity gantry cranes enabling to form up a hull of launching units up to 200 t. The construction of a ship’s hull is carried out, using advanced technologies and advanced welding:

  • fabrication of slip way units without installation tolerances (the technology was developed and implemented at JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi”);
  • welding on ceramic padded planking, applying the powder wire;
  • hull’s buildup with pre-painted sections;
  • superstructure forming, using large-sized units with pre-installed equipment and separate facilities;

Also, there is a horizontal covered berth, enabling to assemble and to launch ship hulls with the following dimensions: maximum length is of up to 104 m., breadth is of up to 18.5 m., height is of up to 10 m and launching weight is of up to 7,000 t. The covered berth is equipped with two gantry cranes of 50 t lifting capacity.

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