Pipe manufacturing and copper plating workshop

The production carries out the following:

  • Fabrication and installation of ship system pipelines for commercial vessels (tankers);
  • Bending of steel pipes with diameter up to 377 mm;
  • Assembly and installation of main engines of 6ДКРН type on “Epocast” plastics;
  • Installation of auxiliary machinery: diesel-generators, boilers, compressors, heat exchangers, fresh water generators, pumps;
  • Boring of steering gear brackets, boring of the bossing and of the shaft line stern tubes;
  • Installation and alignment of the shaft line;
  • Installation of steering gear and of thrusting gear;
  • Installation of anchor and mooring gears, life-saving appliances, ship cargo lifting devices, outboard ladders;
  • Installation of refrigerating units of the air conditioning and cooling systems of the provision stores;
  • Installation of the sanitary and the galley equipment;
  • Fabrication of the ship’s pipeline supports;
  • Fabrication and testing of hoses and sleeves with the diameter of 12 mm – 200 mm and the operating pressure of 16 kg s/cm2;
  • Fabrication of pipe products of machine-building for the hull production and outfitting production.

Workshop Equipment:

  • Pipe bending machines;
  • Band saw machines;
  • Flange running machines;
  • Horizontal boring mills;
  • Thread cutting machines;
  • Hydraulic presses;
  • Hydraulic benches;
  • Welding equipment for argon-arc, semiautomatic and manual welding.

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