Workshop of protective and insulation products

The production carries out the following:

  • Rust removal of metal structures of various configuration by airless spraying and by applying the pneumatic tools to degrees of treatment Sa 2.5, Sa 3 и St 3 and with dimensions of no more than 3500х4000х1900;
  • Painting of cleaned surfaces with home-made paints, with the paints of “Jotun”, “Hempel”, “International” companies, made on alkyd, phenol-formaldehyde, epoxy, polyurethane and other bases by pneumatic and airless spraying, paint brushing on metals (steel, light alloys), wood, concrete and other materials;
  • Application of insulation materials (ФС-72, ПС-1, ПТЭ-150, «Paroc», boards and mats of rock wool, asbestos fibres) to provide thermal, fire-resistant, acoustic and vibro-damping insulation for structures of various configuration (pipes, cabinets, ship’s compartments and various outfittings) including the operations to cut the insulation boards, to fabricate mats and adhesives to glue the insulation;
  • Application of deck coatings, using mastics, concrete, tiles, linoleum, including the operations to prepare the surfaces and prepare mastics and adhesives;
  • Application of special coating, using rubber of the grades: ИРП-1074, ИРП-1075, МБС, ТКЩМ and others on structures of various configuration; glass-fiber forming-up and sealing are carried out, including the preparatory operations.


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