Transport and storage facilities

Main types of storage facility operations are receiving, record keeping, storage and delivery of material values. There are railway facilities with several tracks. Cargo pick-up is performed from the railway cars at the station “Noviy port”. The railway car unloading is carried out by means of railway and gantry cranes. The goods are also taken over from the automotive transport. There are open storage and covered storage facility areas, warehouses. The open storage area makes 6780 m2. The covered storage area makes 12340 m² of which 2460 m² are heated ones. The warehouses are equipped with cargo hoisting devices and fork lift trucks. There is a facility for receiving and storing containers. The storage facility workshop hosts stocks of sheet and sections, copper alloys, titanium, pipes, paint and lacquer materials, fuels and lubricants. Tugs and Docks At the disposal of JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” there are floating docks (2), floating cranes (2), tug boats (3), workboats (2). The water area of the shipyard includes the following: 9 jetties, a deep water pit for dock submergence with floating facilities inside. The transport and lifting operations with hulls are carried out: transportation of floating facilities, dockage, diving operations and inspections, lifting and launching of the floating facilities in the docks, lifting and delivering the floating facilities to the ground, knotting and splicing. There are 3 deep-water 150 m long quays (jetties), enabling to take in the ships with draft of up to 6 m.

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