Автономный глубоководный аппарат «Русь»
The project is designed by JSC “SPMBM ”Malakhit”.

The first deep-diving vehicle of the third generation built in Russia. IDDV “RUS” is able to submerse to the depth of 6000 meters and it is designed for researches and underwater works.

The vehicle can classify and carry out a video filming of the objects at the sea bed, perform underwater technical works with a manipulator, inspect underwater structures and objects, deliver to the ground and lift items of the weight up to 200 kg to the surface.

Working at the bottom vehicle “RUS” can move horizontally and vertically at the speed of 3 knots and also move by log and slew about its axis.

The independent deep-diving vehicle is equipped with the modern navigation equipment, motion control system and integrated automated control system. The following equipment is installed on the board of the vehicle: array sonar system, special manipulator system, outboard camera in a pressure casing and underwater communication system. Substantial safety system is provided for the vehicle. The first time in the world practice the blow-off of the lower part of the vehicle is designed in case of its emergency adhesion to the mud or sea bed.

IDDV “RUS” is designed for 500 deep divings to the depth above 4000 m and approximately 1000 deep divings to the depth up to 4000 m.


  • Weight (t) – 25;
  • Length (m) – 8,0;
  • Breadth, (m) – 3,9;
  • Height (m) – 3,9;
  • Speed (knots) – 3,0;
  • Diving Depth (m) – 6000;
  • Crew (persons) – 2-3;
  • Endurance in operation (hours) – 10;
  • Endurance in emergency (hours) – 72;
  • Pressure Hull, sphere diameter, (m) – 2,1;
  • Pressure Hull, material – Titanic alloy;
  • Time of diving (surfacing) to the depth of 6000 meters (hours) – 2-3.

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