Дизель-электрическая подводная лодка проекта 636

The Submarine of project 636

The project was designed by Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering “Rubin”. The Submarine of project 636 belongs to the third generation of Diesel-Electric Submarines and is a modification of submarines of projects 877 and 877EKM – legendary “Varshavyanka” known everywhere in the world for high performance and classified as KILO-class according to NATO. One of the key features of the project is the lowest level of noise among Russian ships. Merging with natural water noise the submarine can detect a target at a distance 3-4 times more then the distance of her own detection by an enemy. “Black hole in the ocean” is the epithet among NATO specialists for submarines of project 636 for its super secrecy. The submarines of the modified project 636 ensure higher (compared to previous projects) combat effectiveness. The best combination of acoustic stealthiness and target acquisition range, the latest inertial navigation complex, up-to-date computerised information control system providing a solution of commander’s tasks, powerful quick operating torpedo and missile systems will give the global priority to this class of ships in the conventional submarine shipbuilding. Performance:

  • NATO classification – Improved Kilo;
  • Underwater speed (knots) – 20;
  • Working diving depth (м) – 240;
  • Maximum diving depth (m) – 300;
  • Endurance (days) – 45;
  • Complement, persons – 52;
  • Surface displacement (t) – 2350;
  • Length (m) – 73,8;
  • Breadth (м) – 9,9;
  • Mean draft (м)- 6,2;
  • Cruising underwater range at economic speed (miles) – 400;
  • Cruising range in snort mode with increased stock of fuel at a speed of 7 knots (miles) – 7500;
  • Number of torpedo tubes (calibre, mm)– 6/533;
  • Total ammunition (missiles/torpedoes/mines) – 4/18/24.

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