SAINT -PETERSBURG, 30.11.2017.

At JSC «Admiralty Shipyards» (incorporated into JSC «Unified Shipbuilding Corporation») took place a raising ceremony of auxiliary fleet flag onboard ice-breaker of project 21180 «Ilya Muromets», built by the order of Russian naval fleet. In the ceremonial event participated Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Russian Navy vice-admiral Victor Bursuk, principal adviser of the president of JSC «USC» Viktor Chirkov and general director of JSC «Admiralty Shipyards» Alexander Buzakov. The great labor holiday for entire personnel of the shipyard called the flag-raising ceremony onboard ice-breaker «Ilya Muromets» the general director of JSC «Admiralty Shipyards» Alexander Buzakov: «This vessel, built and designed by the shipyards’ specialists carries on the traditions of our production workers in construction of ships and vessels of ice class. In just three years from the moment of signing of this contract JSC «Admiralty Shipyards» has built the vessel of new generation, which fully complies with the requirements of world standards. The construction of ice-breaker «Ilya Muromets» gave a good start to participation of our employees in development of the Arctic group of Russian naval fleet».

«The naval forces did not place purchase order for vessels of this class over 40 years and today we are receiving the vessel, the functionality of which is substantially outside the framework of typical ice-breaker,» – noted Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Russian Navy vice-admiral Victor Bursuk. – «The vessel «Ilya Muromets» has been expected in Northern Fleet for long ago. And I want to emphasize that «Admiralty Shipyards» built the new excellent vessel and once again the obligations under the contract were met exactly. I am confident that the new ice-breaker will demonstrate its high-performance».

«Ilya Muromets» — single-deck multi-purpose vessel, designed for provision of deployment and establishment of the Forces in ice conditions, was laid down on 23 April of 2015. The vessel was launched on 10 June of 2016. On 27 November of 2017 was signed the report of transfer of the vessel to the shipowner. The vessel simultaneously has the features of a sea-going tug, an ice-breaker and a patrol vessel and will be used for support of the Arctic group of Russian naval fleet.

The main feature of the vessel – its expanded functionality in view of rather small dimensions. The vessel «Ilya Muromets» in addition to its designated purpose – to break ice and pilot vessels – is designed for transportation of cargoes and people for support of deployment and service of remote naval bases; for participation in special rescue operations and rectification of the consequences of technogenic accidents. Besides the ice-breaker is equipped with modern hydrographic complex, which during spring–summer «demurrage» allows to involve the vessel to seabed mapping and research practice.

For the first time in the history of domestic shipbuilding the constructing enterprise simultaneously acted as the vessel designer. The ice-breaker «Ilya Muromets» is an innovative unique research vessel, which fully complies with appropriate requirements of world standards.

Principal performance characteristics: length overall – 85 m; width overall – 20 m; draft – 6,8 m; displacement – 6000 tons; rate of sailing – 15 knots; crew – 39 persons; shipboard power plant capacity – 12 MW; propulsion unit – two twin-screw rudder propellers with 3,5 MW each; navigation area – unrestricted; sea endurance - 2 months.

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