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Rescue ship of project 21300 «Igor Belousov»

Designer – JSC «Central Maritime Design Bureau «Almaz».

The vessel is designed for rescue of crews of distressed submarines, lying aground or staying in buoyancy, and also for life-support of the crew of the rescued submarine. The ship can be also used for development of shelves, performance of underwater technical works, search and survey of emergency objects in assigned sector.

The ship is equipped with the following rescue system: a towing hunter, providing search of objects not only lying aground, but also buried in ground at depths up to 1,500 m; work remotely operated vehicle «Pantera+» for survey of underwater objects and performance of underwater works at depths up to 1000 m; unique deep sea salvage complex for rescue of submarines of a distressed submarine and also for performance of diving operations at depths up to 450 m; unparralled deep submergence rescue vehicle «Bester-1» ,which is used directly for rescue of crews of distressed submarines at depths up to 700 m.

Length, m.
Beam, m.
Full speed, knots
Crew, persons
Main characteristics
Amidships depth, m. — 10.8;
Deadweight, tons. — 5,800;
Operational range, miles. — 5,000;
Endurance, days. — 45.
Inquiry Office
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