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Research vessel of project 22280 «Akademik Treoshnikov»

Designer – CDB «Baltsudoproekt» (a branch of Krylov State Research Centre).

The new flagship of the research-expedition fleet is provided for maintenance of activity of Russian Antarctic expedition: replacement of personnel and delivery of cargo for Antarctic stations with its unloading on unimproved port facilities and ice; performance of research works in ocean and observation of natural resources and phenomena; removal of waste and garbage from Antarctic region.

The vessel offers comfortable operating conditions for crew and expedition at ambient air temperature up to minus 40 °C. The navigation is unrestricted, including single sailing and drift in ice conditions of arctic seas and navigation in tropical seas.

Classification Russian Maritime Register of Shipping: КМ ARC 7 [2] AUT 2 Special purpose ship.

Draft, m.
Crew, persons
Main characteristics
Speed in open water, knots — 16;
Rate of sailing in ice with thickness of 1.1 meter, knots — 2;
Total capacity of propulsion plant, MW — 16.8;
Range margin, miles — 15,000 ;
Sea endurance, days — 45;
Number of passengers (expedition), persons — 80;
Operating temperature (water) — - 2°С – +32°С;
Operating temperature (air) — - 40°С – +35°С.
Inquiry Office
+7 (812) 714-88-33
+7 (812) 494-79-43
+7 (812) 714-88-52