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Company history
Founded by the decree of Peter I, the main Russian shipyard was growing and developing together with the Russian fleet. Its history includes many glorious pages, without which it is impossible to imagine a chronicle of domestic shipbuilding and formation of the Navy of the Russian state. Over the years, the enterprise got through different stages, difficult and glorious, but the inseparable unity of the fleet and the shipyard has remained unchanged. Admiralty shipyards have always served to the state's national interests, constructing warships and civil ships to the benefit of the Fatherland.
Licenses and certificates
One of fundamental documents of the quality management system (QMS), operating at JSC «Admiralty Shipyards» is the «Quality policy». The enterprise has required international certificates of quality management system, which guarantees high quality of the products. Modernization of production, efficient organization of the works and interaction with the customers and the contractors, upgrade of qualification level of the stuff, conservation of the traditions and the experience are the guarantors of high quality of the products of JSC «Admiralty Shipyards».
Admiralty Shipyards are located in the very center of Saint-Petersburg. The expansion of the enterprise premises is almost 3 kilometers from the northern gateway on the embankment of the Novo-Admiralteysky channel to the southern gateway at the corner of Rizskiy prospect and Stepan Razin Street.
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