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In the course of three hundred years the enterprise launched approximately 3000 ships and vessels 
JSC «Admiralty Shipyards» is a modern high-tech , diversified enterprise successfully operating both in the Russian  and in the world market. Its principal activities:  designing, production and modernization of ships and vessels  of various types and classes. In the direction of shipbuilding,  the enterprise constructs and upgrades conventional submarines and deep-diving vehicles, rescue and  supply vessels, carries out deliveries of spare parts. In the field of civil shipbuilding,  the enterprise is specialized in construction  of modern unique tankers with deadweight up to 70,000 tons,  including reinforced ice class. Besides, within the framework of civil shipbuilding  the enterprise builds marine facilities for special purposes, is organized serial production of boats «Master» with aluminum welded hull. The enterprise has required  international certificates  of quality management system of output products.
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