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Manned deep submergence rescue vehicle of project 18271 «Bester»

Designer JSC CDB «Lazurit». 

Deep submergence rescue vehicle (DSRV) of fourth generation is designed for rendering of assistance and rescue of crews of distressed submarines lying aground at depths up to 720 meters, and also for survey of underwater objects and performance of underwater technical works.

In the structure of DSRV is provided applications of fundamentally new technologies, unrivalled throughout the world: landing guidance system and attachment to distressed submarine (suction chamber), which allows DSRV to evacuate the rescues with the submarine heel up to 45о. As a comparison, all previous rescue vehicles, built in our country and abroad, were able to render assistance to a distressed crew when the heel of the emergency submarine was not more than 15о.

The vehicle is equipped with the life support system, which operates reliable with increased pressure in the escape compartment, which assures acceptance of rescues not only by «dry» but also «wet» method (at depths up to 60 meters). Besides, DSRV is equipped with a new system of in-line ventilation, allowing to start decompression of rescued submariners already in surfacing process, which reduces duration of their subsequent staying in the recompression chambers.

Length, m.
Beam, m.
Diving depth, m.
Crew, persons
Main characteristics
Displacement, m. — about 41;
Height, m. — 5.2;
Submerged speed, knots — 3.2;
Number of rescues, persons — 22.
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