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Аluminium boats «Master»

Family «Master» – from small motor boats for rivers and enclosed water bodies to crafts for both sea-going and coastal navigation equipped with electrical systems and remote control. At the moment the shipyard produces 12 modifications of the boats. «Master» - first Russian boats, which received Safety certificates in compliance with new European standards (EU directive 94/25).

From compact motor boat for tourism, fishing and hunting «Master 410» and the middle class boat «Master 500» for big water bodies, rivers and sea coastal navigation to comfortable conning craft for long-distance tourism «Master 651 ХТ», which can be operated even with the wave height up to 2 meters.

Only during last years over 500 boats of different models of this brand within the state order were delivered to various subdivisions of Border Guard, MIA, Russian Federal Security Service and Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

Main characteristics
Overall length, m. — 4.90 – 6.50;
Overall beam, m. — 1.78 – 2.30;
Emergency power of engine, kW/h.p. — 44/60 – 184/250.
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