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Diesel-electric submarine of project 636

Designer – JSC «Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering «Rubin».

The multi-purpose diesel-electric submarine is designed for fight with submarines and surface ships of the enemy; protection of naval bases, seashore and communications; solution of intelligence and other targets. 

The submarine of project 636 is relating to third generation of diesel-electric submarines and is the modification of submarines of projects 877 and 877 EКМ — famous «Varsovianka», well known in the world thanks to its high tactical-technical characteristics, which received the NATO’s classification KILO.

The double–casing construction with modern forms, high reserve–buoyancy volume and subdivision. 6 compartments of the submarine are subdivided with watertight bulkheads, which allows to stay the course during emergency flooding of one of the compartments, without sacrificing of its combat readiness.

By 2010 were modernized the main systems of base project 636: torpedo-missile system, total ship computing environment, integrated radar and sonar systems. A number of upgrades was introduced in the shipboard systems for improvement of discretion of the submarine and living conditions of the crew.

The submarines of upgraded 636 project have increased combat effectiveness (in comparison with the previous projects). The world priority of the submarines of the class in the area of construction of conventional submarines is provided by: optimum combination of acoustic discretion and acoustic range; up-to-date inertial navigator; advanced total ship computing environment; powerful high-speed torpedo-missile armament. JSC «Admiralty Shipyards» is an absolute leader in construction of the submarines of such class and since 1983 the enterprise successfully exported them.

Length, m.
Beam, m.
Underwater speed, knots
Crew, persons
Main characteristics
Operating depth, m. — 240;
Maximum diving depth, m. — 300;
Endurance, days — 45;
Surface displacement, м3. — 2,350;
Submerged endurance with economic speed, miles. — 400;
Operational range in snorkel mode with increased fuel capacity at a speed of 7 knots, miles. — 7,500;
Number of torpedo tubes, units/calibre — 6/533;
Total reserve ammunition (missiles/torpedoes/mines), units — 18.
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