THE SUBMARINES CONSTRUCTED BY jsc “admiralteiskie verfi” participated in parades on navy day


SAINT-PETERSBURG, 26.07.2015. The submarines of project 636 – “Stary Oskol” and “Krasnodar” – on the Day of Russian Navy participated in the parades in Baltiysk and Saint-Petersburg.

Diesel-electric submarine “Stary Oskol” took pride of place in the parade line of battle, formed at the debouchment of Kaliningrad seaway canal in Baltiysk. On 3 rd of July in International Maritime Defense Show 2015 in Saint-Petersburg onboard the submarine was ceremonially hoisted a St. Andrew’s flag. After entering into the composition of Novorossiysk naval base of Black Sea Fleet, submarine “Stary Oskol” laid a course for Baltiysk for participation in celebration of the Day of Russian Navy.

In naval parade in the Neva took part submarine “Krasnodar”, which is in final stage of the construction. After completion of the ceremonial events is to be started the preparation of the submarine for sea trials, which shall take place in the ranges of Baltic Sea. The delivery of the submarine to the Russian Navy has been scheduled for November.

Submarine “Stary Oskol” – the third in the series, built by JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” for the Russian Navy, was laid down in August of 2012. The solemn ceremony of keel laying of the fourth submarine – “Krasnodar” – was hold on 20 th of February of 2014.

The construction of the series of six submarines of project 636 became a beginning of realization of the program of Ministry of Defense of Russia for restoration of combat readiness of the fleet and modernization program of diesel-electric submarines for the Russian Navy. At present three submarines of the series have already been handed over to the fleet, another three submarines are in various stages of their construction.

The submarines of modified 636 project have increased combat effectiveness (in comparison with the previous projects). Optimum combination of acoustic discretion and target detection range, newest inertial navigation complex, modern information-management system, powerful quick-reaction torpedo-missile armament provide world priority of submarines of the class in the sphere of conventional submarine shipbuilding.

Таctical-technical characteristics: NATO classification – Improved Kilo; surface speed – 17 knots; working diving depth – 240 m; maximum diving depth – 300 m; sea endurance – 45 days; crew – 52 persons, surface displacement – 2350 tons; underwater displacement – 3950 tons.

Photograph: Аlexey Akentjev


Дата публикации: 28 July 2015

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