Highly professional labour can manufacture not only any ship and office furniture but also finish the interior design. The shop regularly completes the orders for the shipyard and another companies. The shop dries the lumber of various types. The annual capacity of drying chambers of about 2000 m3. Main Product Range:

  • shipboard furniture;
  • laminboard furniture of in-house fabrication made of three-layer board, of fiberboard with coating and with laminate plastic, sliced and peeled off valuable wood species veneer finishing;
  • upholstered furniture;
  • work clothing for the personnel;
  • door blocks and window units.

Due to the application of new materials and of advanced technologies the workshop constantly upgrades its equipment. Workshop Equipment:

  • turning lathes, drilling machines, band saws, planning and jointing machines, polishing machines;
  • presses, varnish filling machines, drying chambers.

Best sawn goods of hardwood and of pinewood are used in production. All the furniture is certified by Russia’s GosStandart. For ordering, please contact Victor V. Shelvakh, machine-shop manager, phone: 8 (812) 714-88-24. e-mail: info@ashipyards.com

203, Fontanka Emb., 190121, St.-Petersburg, Russia
tel.: +7 (812) 714-88-33
fax: +7 (812) 571-13-71
e-mail: info@ashipyards.com

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