SAINT-PETERSBURG, 22/02/2017. In the water area of JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi” (which is integrated in United Shipbuilding Corporation) were conducted training exercises of the marines of the Navy’s Joint Training Center for release of a ship conventionally captured by sea pirates. The training exercises were arranged as a part of scheduled training of the marines for carrying out missions onboard the Navy’s ships within anti-terror groups. In the course of the training, the marine unit practiced the landing elements on a suspicious vessel, checking of its main deck, erections and indoor spaces as well as release of the ship from sea pirates. Besides, during the training the marines drilled the components of anti-terror defenses of a stationing site.

Tugboat “Vladimir Beltsov” of JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi” with deadweight over 400 tons and length of 25 meters was designated as the vessel, captured by the pirates. The choice in favor of JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi” as a ground for carrying out of the exercises was contributed, to a large extent, by availability of up-to-date shipboard personnel and required infrastructure at the enterprise.

– For our part, we did our best to carry out the exercises. The crew of tugboat “Vladimir Beltsov”, headed by Alexander Korolyov, substitute captain’s mate, strictly followed the implementation plan – pointed out Alexander Medvedev, the main captain of JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi”. – All components, included in the training scenario: attack of the ship by the pirates, seizure and release of hostages, beaching, went within prescribed period and without any lacks of coordinations.

– The marines, participating in the training exercises, arrived at Joint Training Center of Russian Navy from Pacific, Northern, Baltic Fleets, Black Sea and Caspean Sea Fleets, – noted captain Leonid Zinchenko, chief of Joint Training Center of the Navy. – The practical knowledge, which acquire participants of similar exercises, let them feel at ease onboard the ships.


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