Medical centre

Elena Kyke, Chief Medical Officer of Medical Center:

“Regular upgrade of equipment and introduction of the latest technologies – that’s the present day standard of medicine which indicates level of work of any health care facility and qualification of its medical personnel. And Medical Center of JSC “Admiralteiskie verfi” fully complies with this standard!”


Over the period of more than two decades Medical Center has been assisting the residents and guests of the capital of North to acquire health. Practicing a comprehensive and individualized approach, we tackle problems and bring back life pleasures.

Under the auspices of our medical center one can receive timely skilled medical treatment, provided by specialists of various profiles and branches.  We care for each patient, selecting individual treatments and guarantying high quality of rendered services.


Our Capabilities & Our Services

Work of qualified personnel and application of advanced equipment enable us to render adequate and proper medical assistance. We offer you to take advantage of the following:

  • Opportunities of present day minimally invasive methods, applied in various spheres of surgery and other branches of medicine. Thanks to the application of endoscopic equipment, these methods make for minimum operative intervention and avoid the risk of development of complications.
  • Opportunities of getting treatment in updated inpatient hospital, equipped with spacious wards of enhanced comfort and intensive care unit for complete and quick recovery.
  • Services, provided on outpatient basis, so under inpatient treatment. Observations are made, using up-to- date precision innovative equipment: MRI, CT, ultrasonic endoscope etc.
  • Services of eye department, provided with specialized advanced operating room. Thanks to unique equipment, vision correction surgeries are carried out here, realizing the latest diagnostic correction and eye care ophthalmological programs.
  • Opportunities, provided by health and recreation department, offering programs of classic and innovative physiotherapeutic methods, cosmetician services, spa services. On the basis of the complex, therapeutic, correction and rehabilitation programs are implemented, enabling to restore after the surgical intervention.

Constant updating of treatment, acquisition of new methods and offering of new services enable the personnel of the medical center to reduce treatment time and rehabilitation of patients.  Contemporary diagnostic and therapeutic equipment afford an opportunity to detect a disease in time and offer its most efficient treatment.


Social Services

All medical services not catered by the program of voluntary medical insurance, will be granted to the yard personnel with a considerable discount.

203, Fontanka Emb., 190121, St.-Petersburg, Russia
tel.: +7 (812) 714-88-33
fax: +7 (812) 571-13-71

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