Научно-экспедицинное судно (НЭС)


The ship is built for the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (ROSGIDROMET) of Russia. After construction the ship will be operated by “Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute” of ROSGIDROMET. The new flagship of the scientific and expedition fleet will replace “Akademik Fedorov” vessel and is designed for support of the Russian Antarctic Expedition: replacement of personnel of the Antarctic stations, delivery of cargoes for the Antarctic stations with unloading of the same on the unequipped coast and ice, research work in the ocean and study of natural resources and phenomena, removal of waste and garbage from the Antarctic. The vessel has been designed by the central design bureau “Baltsudoproject” (affiliated branch of the “TSNII named after Academician A. N. Krylov) using many years’ experience of operation of vessels in the Antarctic conditions and ensures comfortable conditions of work for the crew and expedition under the ambient air temperature of down to minus 40°C.

Main Performance Data:

  • Length (m) – 133,59 ;
  • Breadth (m) – 23 ;
  • Draft (M) – 8,5 ;
  • Speed in open water (knots) – 16 ;
  • Speed in ice of 1.1 meter thickness (knots) – 2 ;
  • Total power of the power plant (MW) – 16,8 ;
  • Sailing range (miles)– 15 000 ;
  • Endurance (days) – 45 ;
  • Complement (persons) – 59;
  • Number of passengers (expedition) – 80;
  • Number of helicopters – 2 Ka–32 helicopters;
  • Area of navigation – unlimited including solitary sailing and drift in ice conditions of the Arctic seas and navigation in tropical seas.

Operational temperature:

Water temperature: -2 °С – +32 °С;

Air temperature: -40 °С – +35 °С


Class of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping: KM * ARC 7 AUT 2 Special purpose ship (in accordance with “Rules of Classification and Construction of Sea Vessels”, RMRS, 2007).

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